The Team

Holly Ryan jewellery is handmade in Australia by Holly and her team of skilled artisans. So there are many wonderful and creative women working in and around HR HQ in Surry Hills or up in the brand's Queensland Studio.

Meet everyone involved in the Holly Ryan world.

Name: Holly Ryan
Star sign: Scorpio
Role at Holly Ryan: Creative Director and Owner
You can also find me: @hollyryanstudio for my sculptures
My favourite HR piece is: The pieces I wear every day and never take off –
The Wabi Sabi Ring with Diamonds, Wavee Wire Ring with Diamonds, HR Signet Ring 'H' Initial Pendant, Art Deco Fob Necklace, Jerico Pendant and Keshi Pearl Hoops, all in solid 14ct gold
My dream dinner date would be: Patti Smith or Barbara Hepworth
And I'd cook them: Spaghetti vongole and a caprese salad with grilled peaches, paired with a bottle of Le Coste Litrozzo Bianco



Name: Denise
Star sign: Aries
Role at Holly Ryan: QLD Production Manager
You can also find me: @steepstyle
My favourite HR piece is: My Line Saga x HR Zodiac Necklace
My dream dinner date would be: The Sydney HR Team! Some of whom
I haven't met yet
And I'd cook them: Scallop risotto



Name: Tyson
Star sign: Cancer
Role at Holly Ryan: Designer and official dog patter
You can also find me: @aplaceformythings for occasional pictures of my antics and escapades
My favourite HR piece is: the Gold Wabi Sabi Wide Ring
My dream dinner date would be: Jane Jacobs, Oscar Wilde, Vivienne Westwood, Keith Haring, Archie Roach, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marlene Dietrich, AOC and Henri Rousseau
And I'd cook them: Eggplant Ragu – it's kinda my standard, but you can just never go wrong with Italian, right? Also I'd pair it with a bottle (or two) of 
Chandon, because it would definitely be a reason to celebrate 


Name: Rachele Edson
Star sign: Capricorn 
Role at Holly Ryan: Brand Manager
You can also find me: @rachele_edson
My favourite HR piece is: Gold Wabi Sabi Ring with Diamonds 
My dream dinner date would be: Toni Collette
And I'd cook them: My infamous vegetarian lasagne



Name: Monique Chua
Star sign: Gemini
Role at Holly Ryan: Head Jeweller/ NSW Production Manager
You can also find me:
My favourite HR piece is: The Zoe Necklace
My dream dinner date would be: Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé 
And I'd cook them: A 4-course degustation of edibles



Star sign: Libra 
Role at Holly Ryan: Account Manager
You can also find me: @c__madeline
My favourite HR piece is: Anything from the pearl range but maybe the Gold Meteor Pearl Double Drops. Major mermaid vibes
My dream dinner date would be: Jane Goodall
And I'd cook them: Tofu poke bowls and spritzes. Portable and easy, so we could picnic by the water


Name: Gabi Sher
Star sign: Leo
Role at Holly Ryan: Jeweller / Bench Hand Assistant
You can also find me: @gabi_sher or @gsher.pdf
My favourite HR piece is: The Gold Wabi Sabi Ring with Diamonds 
My dream dinner date would be: Chris or Liam Hemsworth
And I'd cook them: A Middle Eastern feast



Name: Rose
Star sign: Leo
Role at Holly Ryan: Pearl girl / Jeweller
You can also find me: @rosefreemantle
My favourite HR piece is: There are so many!! The Elongated Pearl Choker always takes my breath away
My dream dinner date would be: Phoebe Waller-Bridge
And I'd cook them: I hate cooking, we'd have to order takeout




Name: Rosie Dalton
Star sign: Gemini sun with Leo rising
Role at Holly Ryan: Content Director
You can also find me: Wine and dining @off___carte
My favourite HR piece is: Wabi Sabi everything
My dream dinner date would be: Joan Didion
And I’d cook them: Something classic like a herbed salad with skin-contact wine


 Lucy Landini
Star sign: Pisces sun, Cancer rising, Pisces moon. Triple Water drowning
in a pool of my own emotion, most of the time
Role at Holly Ryan: Photographer / Fan Girl
You can also find me: Offline, but occasionally at @lucylandini
My favourite HR piece is: The Zodiac Pendant Holly made me for my birthday. And my Keshi Pearl Hoops – because every girl needs a little bit of
pearl in their life
My dream dinner date would be: Barbara Hepworth. I am completely enamoured with the form, materiality and scale of her work, and captivated by her fearlessness. My Grandmother lives close to Hepworth’s home and studio in St. Ives, England and my sibling and I always make a special visit together whenever we're in town. There is a definite magic in the air there, and a cat that lives in the garden that we believe is Barbara reincarnated!
And I'd cook them: Gnocchi and martinis. By the end of the night we'd no doubt be on the Stiff Waters. If you know, you know!




Name: Jess
Star sign: Aquarius ♒️ 
Role at Holly Ryan: Jeweller
You can also find me: @jessicacrucial 
My favourite HR piece is: Gold Meteor Double Drop Earrings, 
Elongated Pearl Choker, Gold Marquise Ring. And everything else!
My dream dinner date would be: I’d just be happy to just get all of
my nearest and dearest over for an all-hands-on-deck cook up
over the afternoon and into the evening
And I'd cook them: Homemade pasta with a ragù sauce and
endless red wine. Plus plenty of cheese, naturally



Name: Hugo
Star sign: Scorpio
Role at Holly Ryan: Site manager, company director, greeter,
ambassador, staff morale, customer service, entertainment,
pat receiver, cuddle giver and full-time model
You can also find me: At your local dog park, the nearest beach
body surfing or napping on Holly’s bed
My favourite HR piece is: I wear a recycled metal custom Picasso Fish
pendant from my locally made sustainable collar
My dream dinner date would be: With my mum, Holly
And I'd cook them: I can’t reach the stove (yet), so she’d prepare me barbecued prawns and I always get extra if I sit and wag my tail