Recycling Initiative


Has your HR jewellery lost its lustre?

Unlike clothing, the raw materials in jewellery never lose their value. So to ensure that our products hold maximum value, we prioritise circularity through both design and practice.

We encourage people to curate a collection of pieces that they will wear forever and renew or rework those they no longer do. If something has lost its lustre, we offer an in-house repair service and also invite you to return the pieces you no longer wear.

Our closed loop Recycling Initiative allows customers to return their pre-loved pieces in exchange for store credit, or to be redesigned by Holly.

This helps keep the raw materials in rotation, which is part of the sustainability philosophy that Holly’s parents instilled in her from an early age. All HR metal is recycled, whether we buy it in already recycled form or melt down metal scraps in-house to reuse for new designs.

Our jewellery pieces are made to last, so we hope that you will wear them forever and repair or recycle those you no longer do.

How will we recycle your pre-loved jewellery?

- Metals may be melted down
- Stones may be retrieved or replaced
- Products may be redesigned
- Pieces may be repaired
- Metals may be re-plated

How do I take part in this closed loop system?

To take part in this initiative, please print this form and post it with your items to us at:

Holly Ryan Studio
10 Karingal Court
Mount Coolum
QLD 4573

The amount of your credit note, will be issued once the item has been inspected by the team.

***Please ensure that your package is sent in a cardboard postage box with all items securely packaged in a jewellery box and padded, ensuring the piece cannot be damaged in the post.***