HR Jewellery is a mission-driven brand helping
people and planet by:

Designing timeless pieces built to last
Reducing impact with sustainable materials
Hand-making jewellery to order locally
Supporting traditional craftsmanship
Inviting bespoke design to minimise waste
Encouraging circularity, to extend longevity
Recognising that ethical fashion is a journey

These are the values behind our brand:


As a brand, we seek to minimise  impact by creating timeless designs that are inspired by art and nature. Holly draws inspiration everywhere from the earth to the ocean. She counts Barbara Hepworth and Pablo Picasso among her foremost influences.

At HR Jewellery, we believe the concepts behind a piece of jewellery ultimately inform its lasting impact on people and the planet. Designing timeless jewellery with intent helps us to promote both quality and longevity.


Holly grew up surrounded by nature on the Sunshine Coast, with sustainable practices imparted by her parents from youth. These have naturally permeated the HR brand.

Holly uses sustainable materials like recycled gold and sterling silver for her designs. Stones are responsibly sourced, either through Fairtrade in India or directly through local suppliers. Choosing sustainable helps to minimise our impact.


HR Jewellery supports the continuation of traditional jewellery-making skills. By hand-making our sculptural and bespoke pieces to order in Australia, we help reduce waste.

We are also passionate about supporting local creativity and community, sharing ancient techniques with our small team of artisans. Upholding age-old craftsmanship is one of the ways we can help preserve culture.

We encourage circularity through both design and practice. In addition to using recycled and upcycled materials, we invite customers to repair or recycle their HR pieces through our closed-loop Recycling Initiative.

This initiative helps us to extend the lifecycle of HR jewellery, reducing environmental impact and keeping products out of landfill.