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Holly Ryan is a mission-driven company, using our brand as a platform to help people and planet. We are: 

Preserving the natural environment around us
Supporting the continuation of traditional jewellery making techniques
Fostering local jobs and community
Minimising impact through sustainable materials
Handcrafting made-to-order jewellery in Australia
Designing art-driven pieces that are built to last
Prioritising low waste or zero waste processes
Encouraging circularity, to extend the lifecycle of our jewellery
Inviting bespoke design, for people to personalise their jewellery
Recognising that ethical fashion is a journey, not a destination

These are the values behind our brand:


As a brand, Holly Ryan seeks to minimise impact by creating timeless designs that are inspired by art and nature. Holly draws influence everywhere from the earth to the ocean and she counts Modernist Barbara Hepworth and abstract artist Jean Arp among her foremost influences.

At Holly Ryan, we believe the concepts behind a piece of jewellery ultimately inform its lasting impact on people and planet. For this reason, we hand-make our pieces to order and also invite bespoke designs, so customers can personalise their pieces. Designing timeless jewellery with intent is one of the ways we can help save the planet.


It was Holly's parents that instilled in her a passion for sustainable practices from an early age. And today those principles permeate the brand at all levels. Between our Sydney and Sunshine Coast studios, we minimise environmental impact by using sustainable materials and low or zero waste processes.

All of our metal is recycled. We buy it already recycled and also melt down metal scraps within our studios to reuse for new designs. Our stones are sourced as ethically as possible, either through Fairtrade in India, or directly through local Australian suppliers.

Using sustainable materials and low waste processes is one of the ways we can help save the planet.


Holly Ryan supports the continuation of traditional jewellery making skills and the exploration of new techniques - as seen in our signature Wabi-Sabi designs. By handcrafting our sculptural pieces in Australia, we help foster local jobs and pass these ancient techniques along to our team of artisans.

We are also passionate about supporting local creativity and community, which is why collaboration is such an important part of the Holly Ryan brand DNA.

Upholding age-old jewellery making techniques is one of the ways we can help preserve culture and save the planet.


Unlike clothing, the raw materials in jewellery never lose their value. So to ensure that our products hold maximum value, we encourage circularity through both design and practice. We use recycled and upcycled materials when making our jewellery.

We encourage people to curate a collection of pieces they will wear forever and renew or rework those they no longer do. So to extend the lifecycle of our jewellery, we invite customers to repair or recycle their Holly Ryan pieces with us directly.

Our closed loop Recycling Initiative allows customers to return their pre-loved pieces in exchange for store credit or to be redesigned by Holly.
Creating a closed loop lifecycle for our jewellery is one of the ways we can help save the planet.

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