“I am particularly interested in exploring notions of female beauty, as a woman trying to express herself in an ever-changing modern world.” – Holly Ryan


Holly Ryan is represented by Jerico Contemporary gallery as a sculpture artist.

Picking up the chisel to hand-carve abstract faces and the expressive elegance of the female form, Holly began sculpting as a functional way to display her jewellery designs at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Since then, sculpting has evolved as an important part of the artist’s creative practice and one that continually informs her jewellery collections. 

Describing these art forms, Holly says that sculpting is akin to jewellery making, just on a much grander scale. Both are handcrafted, both are inspired by the canon of art history, and both reflect the artist’s passion for sustainability – incorporating recycled or found materials into the finished product.

As a natural extension of her creative practice with jewellery, Holly’s sculptures allow her to meditate on themes of modern femininity, artisanship and the wabi sabi notion of finding beauty in imperfection. 



Holly’s recent exhibitions include, 'Exhale' Jerico Contemporary, 2019, 'A Carved Revelation' Jerico Contemporary, 2018 and 'Christiane Spangsberg & Holly Ryan' Jerico Contemporary Booth, Sydney Contemporary, 2018. 



Holly Ryan's latest solo exhibition, ‘Exhale' opened on February 13th and ran until March 9th, 2019.

introduced Holly’s latest body of three-dimensional works, each piece hand carved in her Sydney-based studio. Expanding on her unique and ever-evolving sculptural vocabulary, the Australian artist honours the materiality of each object through an organic yet refined approach to aesthetic principles. Looking back to touchstones of modern sculpture, Holly breathes new expressions into abstract faces and movements into bodily forms.


See Holly Ryan’s latest available works here. And for all sales enquiries, please email jerico@jericocontemporary.com