Giving Back

Since founding the brand over 10 years ago, Holly has always been passionate about sustainability, sourcing recycled metals and ethical stones for her designs. This is translated throughout Holly Ryan jewellery, from our traditional jewellery making methods, brand manifesto and recycling initiatives. As a mission-driven brand helping people and planet, HR instils the following values:

  • Timeless design
  • Sustainable materials
  • Hand-craftsmanship
  • Circular processes

You can read more about the Holly Ryan Brand Manifesto here.

An inherent part of this ethos is giving back. As an Australian brand we strive to help our local communities and environment. To do so we have selected charities that reflect the HR values and provide support where support is needed most, these are:

  • Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan
  • The Seabin Project

For every purchase made from Holly Ryan we will donate $1 to your selected charity. You can read about these below, and feel free to contribute yourself via the links available for each charity.


Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan

Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan translates to ‘two path strong’ in the Gumbaynggirr language which sets the tone for the goals and vision of this organisation.

The programs that Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan deliver are designed to ensure that Aboriginal youth are strong in terms of both cultural identity and educational success. It is their goal that Aboriginal children complete and achieve at school at the same rate as all Australian children in order to compete for real jobs whilst also being knowledgeable and proud of who they are as Aboriginal people.

Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan currently offer the following programs:

  • Goori Learning Centres - A series of three after school learning centres
  • Gumbaynggirr Language Revitalisation Programs & Gumbaynggirr Bilingual School - Including weekly community classes, school packages, recording speakers and teacher training
  • Cultural Camps - One per year
  • Cultural Engagement Training - For schools and organisations
  • Cultural Tourism - Monthly Giingan Gumbaynggirr Cultural Experience

Your impact:
With your help Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan can increase their outreach and develop further programs to help Aboriginal youth reach their full potential.


Seabin Project (Ocean Clean-up)

Over 160 million tons of plastic is produced each year to create single-use disposable items and packaging. With no established system to close the loop, this has led to over 70 years of accumulation of plastics in landfill (40%) and the environment (32%), with only 10% being recycled. Plastics end up in waterways and oceans, breaking down into ever smaller pieces called micro-plastics, well known for entering the food chain through the water, air and food that we consume.

Seabin Smart Tech’s mission statement is simple: To live in a world without the need for Seabins.

It may seem like a contradiction but at the end of the day, marine litter should not be in the water in the first place. The issue of marine litter is one that will have to be dealt with for generations to come, therefore the Seabin Project is about implementing a “whole solution” approach to the issue of ocean pollution, using education, science, technology and community activation. While the Seabin V5 provides the capacity to collect up to one ton of debris per bin per year, their ultimate goal is to live in a world where we have no need for Seabins.

Your impact:
With every $1 donated the Seabin V5 removes approximately 1.2kg of plastic and debris from the sea.